The Changan Star III 1.3 five-seater panel van is so much more than a run-of-the-mill freight carrier.

Gindra Motors

It can comfortably carry additional passengers plus a 1-ton load. The five-seater has a bench seat behind the driver, while the rear load area is generous in both width and height offering a practical 1-ton load capacity.

"Adding to these attractions is the fact that the Changan Star III panel van is an affordable, reliable, and attractive delivery vehicle".

Designed by the JMC Motor Corporation, it fills a yawning gap in the South African freight carrier market. JMC identified the need for an economical and practical panel van that could handle the urban landscape with ease - and JMC achieved just that with the Changan Star lll.

This nippy roadrunner may not be built for speed, but then that was never JMC’s intention. They wanted to offer the motorist a vehicle that was not only attractive to look at, but also an attractively-priced alternative to panel vans available in the marketplace today.

Features on the Lux version

  1. With a price tag of R169 880, the luxury version has a five-shift manual gearbox and its 40-litre petrol fuel tank gives has a generous fuel consumption of 100km/6.5 litres.
  2. Powered by a 1.3 four-cylinder engine.
  3. The dashboard instruments are easy to read and there is also a built-in sound system.
  4. Cup holders, a generous cubbyhole, loads of additional storage space and padded cloth seating add to the overall comfort of the cab.
  5. The front doors slide open on both sides for easy access to the bench seat area.
  6. Overhead air vents, both front and rear, ensure good airflow and air-con circulation.
  7. The large rear load area is protected with a rubber mat.
  8. This efficient, practical and affordable panel van has a three-year/100,000 warranty.

Price-wise, there is nothing to beat the Changan five-seater. It is a practical panel van, particularly for businesses that need to transport workers as well as freight.