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Luxury made affordable.

Gindra Motors

At Gindra motors our awesome team believes that our customers come first. After all, you are the reason we are here. In return, we will give you an unforgettable experience. We want everybody to drive high-quality cars, so we do our absolute best to find cars to suit your needs. We make luxury affordable.

Gindra Motors holds a range of new and selected pre-owned cars that are bound to excite every driver. Furthermore, our professional finance department will go the extra mile to tailor-make the best deal for you. Even ITC clients are welcome. We extend our services to keep you on the road by offering a fully equipped workshop and parts department at affordable rates. Gindra Motors is owner-run, to ensure that we deliver to your expectations.

JMC - the Alternative and Affordable Option

When it comes to comfort and affordability, the JMC range of SUVs, dual passenger/cargo and commercial vehicles provide the ideal alternative.

Manufactured by the Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC), this range of Chinese manufactured vehicles is growing in popularity among South African motorists for various reasons. Among these are:

  • Affordable price tags
  • Great fuel consumption
  • Comfortable interiors
  • Unbeatable service plans
  • Exceptional warranties

Apart from the attractive price tags, the JMC range offers practical vehicles that incorporate a host of luxurious finishes such as:

  • Air conditioning
  • Sound system
  • Electric windows
  • Power steering
  • Loads of legroom

The JMC range of vehicles all have a striking appearance and are either diesel or petrol-driven.

For new or pre-owned vehicle, This JMC Dealership in Kempton Park prides itself on providing luxury at an affordable price. This JMC Dealership of the Year award winner stocks a full range of passenger and commercial vehicles to suit all needs.

The JMC range in South Africa. JMC is an alternative and affordable option. Available from Gindra motors, a top JMC dealership in South Africa. This image was uploaded by Gindra motors, a car dealer in Kempton Park, Gauteng.
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